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As the name suggests, Complete Pest Control Company provides professional and fast pest extermination services in Edmonton, Alberta with the best rates in town. We know the nauseating and disgusting feeling that you get due to sickening pests which is too hard to bear, and it just washes away the flavor from the life, especially when some pests can cause sever harm to you in many ways. Well, if you are looking for a service that can help you eradicate these pests from whatever kind of place you own or live, you are at the right place. Complete Pest Control Co. has got trained professionals that have the tools and the techniques to remove ‘any’ kind of pests: Cockroaches, black ants, houseflies, moths, mice or sow bugs, you name it. We promise you 100% satisfaction. The experts we have are properly trained to cope with these sorts of situations. The pests will be eliminated from the location efficiently with no areas left unattended. Sensitive areas will be dealt cautiously, and proper disposition will be made to make sure the pests don’t ever appear on the sensitive areas again. With the services of our experienced and trained experts, you can live your life care-free whether you are a resident or an owner of a factory, Complete Pest Control Co. has got you all covered.

Residential Pest Control

Are you struggling and tired of flying and crawling pests in the kitchen, bathroom, garden or at other places in your home? Let us deal with these pests, our trained professionals will use necessary tools and the mechanism to wipe the pests off your home. One thing must be kept in mind that we don’t use such sprays and pesticides that can harm your property or family in any way. Complete Pest Control Co. is completely certified, and we have perfect expertise in removing pests without using any techniques that can cause any kind of harm to humans or their property.

Commercial Pest Extermination Services

Complete Pest Control Co. provides efficient Commercial Pest Extermination Services. It does not matter what kind of business you run whether it is a hotel, restaurant, or a big factory, we are available to make your property pest-free which will ultimately get you happy customers for your respective business. The restaurants, take-aways and hotels are very sensitive places and pests in these places are imminent. We will make necessary arrangements to make sure that you are able to sell clean and pure food. Apart from this, Canada’s Health Organization checks for cleanliness at restaurants and hotels, it has extreme rules and it can get your business shutdown for different reasons including pests.

Got Pest Problems?


Efficient pest control services

Our services include powerful and productive control of pests with long-term effects. We understand the behavior of rodents, bugs and pests and therefore our experts can control them effectively by taking specific measures. You can completely rely on our mode of exterminating the pests as our professionals are trained and have been taught to use certain advance methods in certain situations. We are not like any other local pest extermination business which use those methods which are economical to them without caring about effectively treating the pests in your home. To avoid such situation, which will show you its effects later on, its better to contact us and get the pests in your house treated or cleaned in a productive way, so that you don’t regret the pests appearing on your property in a much stronger way. Just contact us if you are looking for reliable and efficient services.